For tenants

Here you will find important information for all our tenants. If you are moving into one of our apartments, you can find advice and tips on this page.

Tap leaking or drain blocked? Report a fault as soon as possible.


Skolhusgatan 4 (BAB Strandkvarnen)
Skolhusgatan 23 (BAB Solsidan i Vasa)
Hovrättsesplanaden 11 (FAB Kurtenia)

Submit a fault report here or via the app (instructions on how to start using the app in Swedish and Finnish)
For urgent matters: 029 1700 750 (24/7 service) / Vaasan Korttelihuolto Oy


Handelsesplanaden 23 (BAB Libris Vasa)
Sandögatan 6 (FAB Österbottens Hus)

Fill in the fault report here
For urgent matters: 020 530 5700 (premium-rate number, 24/7 service) / Are Oy


Wasaborgsgränd 4 (BAB Folkhälsanhuset Wasa)

Fill in the fault report here 
For urgent matters: 029 1700 750 (24/7 service) / Vaasan Korttelihuolto Oy

When you use a door opening service, you are charged an opening fee. The person who requested the service must be identifiable, and you will need to show your ID. The name on the door must be the same as the name on the ID.


If you live at:

Skolhusgatan 23 (BAB Solsidan i Vasa)
Hovrättsesplananden 11 (FAB Kurtenia)
Wasaborgsgränd 4 (BAB Folkhälsanhuset Wasa)

Request a door opening via NYQS Oy: 0400 230 001.


If you live at:

Handelsesplanaden 23 (BAB Libris Vasa)
Skolhusgatan 4 (BAB Strandkvarnen)

Request a door opening via Securitas Alarm Monitoring Center: 0600 13513.

As a tenant, you are responsible for the maintenance of the apartment. You need to notify the property maintenance company immediately if you notice any defects, worn parts, or other things that need repairing.

By filling out the fault report, you can also request maintenance services that you will pay for yourself.

Object/ taskExecuted byPaid byNotes
Estate or HSSTenantEstate or HSSTenantFrom case to case
Final cleaningxx
Cleaning and minor maintenance during rental periodxx
Obligation to inform about defects and flawsx
Keys and locks
Lock servicexx
Lubrication of the locksxx
Additional keys (it is not allowed to make pirate copies of keys)xxProperty manager is to be informed
Changing locksxxProperty manager is to be informed
Installation and maintenance of security locksxxTo be left when moving out
Apartment, front door
Lubrication of the hingesxx
Door sealingsxx
Door and door equipment repairxx
Installation and maintenance of safety chainsxx
Installation and maintenance of peepholesxx
Window sealingsxx
Repair of window mountingsxx
Renewal of window glass, insidexx
Renewal of window glass, outsidexx
Repair of window framesxx
Repair of balcony glazingxx
BlindsxxTo be left when moving out
Curtain rods, brackets and fixturesxxxxx
Apartment, internal doors
Lubrication of locks and hingesxx
Doors and door equipment repairxxxx
Door repaintingxxxx
Apartment, surfaces (walls, ceiling and floor)
Painting and wallpaperingxx
Painting and wallpapering done by tenantxx
Surface renovation in wet areas (bathroom etc)xx
Repair of sauna panelxx
Repair and renewal of floor coveringsxx
Fixed furnishings
Painting and maintenance of the furnishingsxx
Renewal of sauna benchesxx
Adjustment and repair of the radiatorsxx
Aeration of the radiatorsxx
Cleaning of ventilation ductsxx
Cleaning of exhaust air diffusersxx
Adjustment and repair of exhaust air diffusersxx
Cleaning of supply air diffusersxx
Filter change in aparment ventilation unitxx
Usage of apartment ventilationx
Repair and maintenance of ventilation unitsxx
Cleaning of cooker hood filterxx
Repair of cooker hoodxx
Water and sewer system
Cleaning of water tap nozzlexx
Repair and renewal of water tapsxx
Shower hose renewalxx
Repair and renewal of water closet and hand basinxxTenant pays for self caused damages
Dishwasher connection (tenant is responsible for storing eventual fixed furnishings and replacing them after moving out)xxThe connection job has to be done by a professional, e.g. property service company
Washing machine connection (tenant is responsible for storing eventual fixed furnishings and replacing them after moving out)xxThe connection job can be ordered from the property service company
Cleaning of water trapsxx
Cleaning of floor drainsxx
Observe eventual water leakagesxxProperty manager is to be informed.
Opening of clogged drainsxx
Electrical equipment
Renewal of light bulbs xxNeed to work when moving out
Renewal of fluorescent lights and startersxxNeed to work when moving out
Repair of electrical equipmentxx
Connecting of additional aerialxxWith permission from the property manager
Other additional connectionsxxWith permission from the property manager
Renewal of batteries (e.g fire detectors)xxTo be left when moving out
Repair and renewal of sauna stovesxx
Renewal of sauna stonesxx
Cleaning of condensers (refridgerator and freezer)xx
Refridgerator and freezer defrostingxxBefore moving out and before terminating the electricity supply contract
Renewal of fire detectorsxxBatteries on tenant
Repair and maintenance of apartment´s kitchen devicesxx
Repair of surfaces (walls, ceiling and floor)xx
Cleaning and keeping free from snowxx
Terrace (aparments on ground level)
Cleaning and keeping free from snowxx
Eventual planting care xx
Other outdoor areas
Removing dog feces and similarxxPet owner´s responsibility
Removing cigarette butts and other litterxxThe one who litters, picks it up
Snow clearing and sanding parking areasxx
Other notes
Tenant´s home insurancexxMandatory

Rent must be paid by the 5th of each month. Payment details can be found in the rental agreement. The reference number is the same every month – remember to use it to ensure that the payment is connected to the correct account!

We recommend that you order an e-invoice in your online bank when you are paying the rent for the first time. After that, a new rent invoice will be sent directly to your online bank each month. You can also check future and past rent payments in the Kodia mobile app.

Unless otherwise agreed, the rent will be increased annually in line with the real estate maintenance costs index. The review date is the date specified in the rental agreement.

According to the law, a tenant may not carry out alterations or repairs in the apartment without the landlord’s permission. For this reason, you need our permission for painting, wallpapering, changing permanent furniture, etc.

If you get permission to make changes or repairs in the apartment, we must agree in writing on compensation for the labour and materials before carrying out the work. You must also give us the opportunity to inspect the final result at the agreed time.

As a tenant, you can personalise the apartment by putting paintings and shelves on the walls. Remember, however, that a very large number of drill and nail holes may be considered abnormal wear and tear. If you are unsure about what you are allowed to do, please contact us at HSS.

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to take care of the apartment and ensure that everyone using it follows the property’s rules and regulations.

HSS requires that, as a tenant, you agree to get home insurance and keep it active throughout the tenancy. Property insurances of housing cooperatives do not cover your moveable property or the costs of temporary accommodation.

Remember that smoking is prohibited in the apartment and on glazed balconies!


Subleasing means that the main tenant rents part of their apartment to another person. You have the right to take on a subtenant with the landlord’s permission.

As the main tenant, you are fully responsible for paying the rent and for any damage caused by the subtenant.

Temporary assignment

Temporary assignment means that as the main tenant, you rent the whole apartment to another person. You need the landlord’s permission to do this.

As the main tenant, you are fully responsible for paying the rent and for any damage caused to the aparment by the subtenant.

In residential buildings, people live close to each other, so you may hear noises in your own home from the yard, stairwell, or neighbouring apartments. Therefore, all tenants are encouraged to be considerate of others.

Sounds of showering, flushing the toilet, or doing laundry are normal sounds of living, as are the sounds of children playing during waking hours and normal movement in the apartment and stairwell, regardless of the time of day. However, during the property’s night hours (see your property rules and regulations), you should avoid making unnecessary noise in any part of the property. Typical examples of disruptive behaviour include loud talking and loud music.

What can you do about disruptive behaviour?

If your neighbour’s behaviour bothers you, the best thing to do is to contact them and tell them what is disturbing you. Sometimes the neighbour has not even realised that they are disturbing others.

If the nuisance continues, you should report it by sending an email to the landlord, Harry Schaumans Stiftelse, We will not take complaints made by telephone or anonymously into account. The report should state which neighbour is disturbing you, what kind of disturbance are they causing, when the disturbance occurred (date and time), and how long the disturbance has lasted. Please also mention if you have already contacted the neighbour.

After receiving the report, we will start investigation. We will contact the person who caused the disturbance and demand them to change their behaviour. We will not tell them who made the report. Depending on the seriousness of the nuisance and the number of reports made, we may give a written warning to the person causing the nuisance.

If the disturbance continues after you have reported it, you will need to make a new written disturbance report. As the landlord, we can then look into the possibility of terminating the tenancy of the person causing the nuisance.

If the disturbance is very serious or threatening, you must report it to the police.

HSS uses the Kodia system to manage rental agreements. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. The app can be found under the name Kodia. Your username is the email address listed in the rental agreement. You will receive an email with instructions on how to create a password. If there is no email address in the agreement, you can provide your email address to HSS to get access to the Kodia app.

The app allows you to manage your tenancy online, anytime and anywhere.

In the Kodia rental app you can

  • View and update your personal data
  • Review your rental agreement
  • View future rent and other payments
  • Receive announcements and notifications
  • Send a message to your landlord
  • Find general guidelines and other rules
  • Terminate your tenancy

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